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iOCL is designed as a web-based tool application for specifying OCL constraints in an interactive way. More specifically, iOCL takes an UML model as input to identify domain knowledge (i.e., classes and attributes that OCL constraints can work on) and produces a number of OCL constraints based on the domain expertise. Moreover, iOCL includes in total 21 panels that are listed as below, which will be presented in Section 2 of User Manual to show how to employ iOCL for specifying OCL constraints.

  1. Model Input
  2. Model Explorer
  3. Context Selection
  4. Constraint Type
  5. Context Operation
  6. Attribute Scope
  7. Attribute Selection
  8. Predefined Operations
  9. Operation Type Selection
  10. Collection Operation Selection
  11. Operation Selection
  12. Value Type
  13. Value Input
  14. Enumeration Selection
  15. Enumeration Literal Selection
  16. Parameter Selection
  17. Condition Type
  18. Priority Operation
  19. Constraint Panel
  20. Utility Functions
  21. Class Instance Panel